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Partner With Us

We are so excited about the opportunity to partner with you as we move forward in the things of God. There are several areas that you can partner with us from prayer, resources and monetary giving and talents.

For those that desire to, we would like to extend the opportunity to partner with us in ministry. Please complete this form in its entirety and send to us. Below you will find 3 available areas of partnership. Please select the one(s) that you are interested in.

Become a Prayer Partner
By becoming a Prayer Partner, you are indicating that you will be in agreement with us that the ministry will fulfill God's purpose and plan and that it will make a strong and powerful spiritual impact on the city of Oxnard and in the lives of those that attend. In addition, you will be in agreement that all of the ministries needs will be met and that the vision for Life of Victory Worship Center will come to pass! Lastly, you'll continue to lift my family and I up as we lead this ministry.

Partner with us by giving of time or resources
In this particular area, you could join us during our services and give assistance to any areas needed. There may be items that you would like to donate for ministry use, (Such as: sound equipment, vehicles for transporting equipment, office supplies, etc.). Whether it is time, resources or both, we appreciate every gift. If interested in this area, please list in details the way(s) you would like to participate:

Become a Financial Partner
By becoming a Financial Partner, you can send monetary donations that will be used in assisting with the financial needs of L.O.V.W.C. We know that God will bless you for sowing your financial seed into this good ground and that He will in turn provide you with a wonderful harvest. (2 Cor. 9:6-8)

(If partnering in this area, and prefer to sew via check: please make checks payable to Life of Victory Worship Center.
Mail all checks and money orders to: Life of Victory Worship Center - 2041 Cabot Place Unit B, Oxnard, CA 93030 
Any and all contributions to Life of Victory Worship Center are greatly appreciated and tax deductible as allowed by law. Thank you for your seed.)

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